New regulations on online tourism business services are implemented from now on, and it is difficult for black households to stand on their feet

The National Tourism Administration recently announced that five tourism industry standards, including the Operation and Service Requirements for the Third Party Online Trading Platform of Travel Agency Products and the Service Requirements for Travel Agency Service Outlets, have been approved and will be implemented from July 1. Among them, the first new regulation is the first regulation of online tourism business services, and has a strong pertinence to governance of the current online tourism chaos, so it has attracted much attention.

From what aspects does the new regulation regulate the operation of online tourism? Is there any corresponding measure for tourism enterprises on the Internet, such as "the good and the bad are mixed together", it is difficult to safeguard rights in case of disputes when tourists choose online tourism services, and user information is leaked? What impact will it have on the future development of online tourism? Investigation and interview were conducted on these issues.